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Gated community plots: The case for gated community plots v/s ready built homes

Should you buy a ready built home or a high quality, gated community development with plot where you can build a custom made home?.

Until now, that wasn’t even a question because almost all real estate purchases were either of ready built homes or individual plots where you build your home.

With Landson, you can now get the best of both worlds. Buy a plot in a gated community with high quality infrastructure. You’ll have CCTV and gated security, reliable power and water supply all piped and linked through to your plot, internal roads, community facilities like clubhouses and sports facilities, maintained landscaping and more.Then build your own home, built to your exact needs in this top class environment and enjoy the experience of true urban living.

Sounds interesting?

Here’s why buying such gated community plots makes so much more sense than a ready built home.

# Gated community plots Apartments
1 Value of land appreciates faster than built up property(flats / villas) These can generate good rental incomes BUTIs often of poor quality when built by developers
2 Minimised loss as land is a finite asset and without built-up area has less landed cost High maintenance cost & depreciation, especially on villas
3 Removing squatters is more challenging on built-up land (villas, apartments). In gated communities, security is built-in Limited opportunity for customizing your home to your needs as all apartments or villas must largely be the same layout.
4 All community facilities for sports and recreation are ready built and maintained In apartment blocks, any disputes about the land and space must be resolved as a community of apartment owners of the building
5 You can build your house to your exact specifications.
6 The advantage of Undivided Shares (UDS). Your plot is your own build to your specifications

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